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Welcome to my genealogy site!

My ambition with my site is to show the result of my family history and a description of the parishes and places where my ancestors lived. I hope that I'll inspire you?

An interesting part of my research is the story of my ancestor, soldier Sven Planck Wallpol, the father of Gustavus Ström. The story of him is based in part on his own diary, but also notices in the sources and oral tradition.

There are also several other interesting stories about my ancestors that I have found. I will try to present everything as I became reasonably clear of my research on them.


Since my last name originates from the soldier Gustav Ström, there has been a particular interest in researching the allotment system and especially on the Royal First Life-Grenadier Regiment, the regiment in which several of my ancestors served (my father included as a conscripted soldier in the period of WWII).

A special section of my site, I devote to my research on the Napoleonic war in which Sweden participated as an active party, my ancestors included.

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