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​My Family Tree

In this part of the site I will present my family tree divided into grandfather's and grandmother's ancestors on my fathers’ line respectively on my mother’s line. In addition to pure personal data is my ambition presentation on the environment and the circumstances in which my family lived and worked.

My grandfather's family lived during the 1800s within the estate Bjärka Säby domains. My ancestor, soldier Gustav Ström, moved there from Ulrika parish. Gustaf's father, soldier Sven Planck Wallpol, was born in Asby parish but grew up in Ulrika and served as a soldier.

Sven Planck Wallpol served in the Napoleonic War 1807 -1809 where he became a prisoner of war in France. About this war and captivity carries me a special research. Sven Planck Wallpol conducted a diary during his imprisonment in France. Sven’s diary is preserved in the Museum of Ulrika.

In addition to my ancestors who were soldiers, I also have ancestors who were mayors of the capital, Stockholm, family Törne. There is much to tell about this family Törne.

On my mother’s line is smith family Hellman very interesting with many stories that I am going to present here.

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