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A trip to my root's in the districts of Ydre and Vimmerby

The 1st day, A short planning of the trip

I had planned for one week's holiday in May since last winter. My son Fredrik should be demobbed from his military service in the 28th of April and has two weeks off before he had to begin to work. We should take the opportunity to make a trip together. Originally we had planned to make a trip in the soldier Sven Planck Wallpol's footsteps, through Germany to the place in France, where he spent three years as a war captive. As a result of problems with my car etc. we changed that plan to be on the safe side and decided to go within the country. We decided the destination of our trip the same day we left, Sunday morning in the 7th of May. We had decided to make a trip to the north of Småland, round the distinct of Vimmerby and try to find the places were our ancestors in my mother's line had lived. Besides I should take the opportunity to enlarge my collection of photos of the parish churches, where my ancestors were baptized, married and buried. The Stångå River has its source in Vimmerby district and flows into lake Roxen in Östergötland and along this river have the main part of my ancestors in my father's line lived. I should as well show Fredrik also that area, at least show him where Sven Planck Wallpol lived as a soldier.

Ydre och Vimmerby

We had had a high pressure the last fourteen days and it culminated during the days of our good trip. The spring almost exploded in sunshine and heat (75F compared with 30 F three weeks earlier). The cherry-trees were blossoming in the gardens. I had not noticed all these cherry trees earlier. In the beginning of the season it will be easy to reserve a room in the youth hostels, of course if they are opened. At lunch I called Ydregården, the youth hostel in Österbymo in the south of Östergötland. I thought that place should be suitable for our trip to Småland. I visited Ydregården last year, when I made a trip like this, but then to the parishes where my ancestors in my fathers line had lived. Ydregården was open for the season and there was only one more guest for the night. We packed our things, bed linen, clothes and cameras and then we left home at 3 p.m.

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