Rolf Ström


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About me

I began researching my family tree in 1996 and have found quite a lot about my roots. Below is a brief introduction about me.

I am Rolf Ström and has been retired since 2007. In addition being retired, I run my own business as marketing consultant. Of my many hobbies is genealogy an area I spend a lot of time. Other hobbies are outdoor activities in forests and mountains with a mushroom and berry picking in the fall, skiing in winter and long walks during the spring and summer.

When I began my genealogy research, I applied to the progenitor of the family Ström. I have since done research on both my father's and mother's line. I have found many interesting human experiences and stories among my ancestors that I intend to publish in this site.

Sven Wallpol

As the name Ström is originally a soldier's name, so much of my research has focused on finding out how the soldiers lived and how the allotment system worked. I have been lucky enough to get the diary and writing stories about my ancestors, which provides more "meat on the bones" to my family history.

Speaking of family history, so has my family history also increased my interest in general history, especially as events and historical events created many opportunities for what my ancestors were able to live, raise a family and develop.

Through my research I have found ancestors who emigrated to America and descendants of these ancestors. This has given many pleasant acquaintances of my distance family, and my interest in Swedish-American history has grown in step with new relatives in America. Besides visiting America physically, the development of the Internet enabled a great opportunity to stay connected with family and friends across the Atlantic and elsewhere, which I hope will reflect my site.

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